John on September 16th, 2017

Aron and Christille’s wedding was the highlight of my day. I’m also certain that it was the highlight of their day, so when we got down to the business of recording the memory of it, we just had a blast. Normally I get frustrated with bright sun, but today, we made it work for us. […]

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John on November 3rd, 2013

My oldest child was married this year, just 6 months after her sister.  It has been a whirlwind year for me with an overwhelming amount of activity and emotion. As usual, we started with engagement photos.  Both Lucas and Kristina are quite academic, so it seems fitting that they wanted to do their photos at […]

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John on November 3rd, 2013

The wedding just by itself is always amazing, but what we had in store for us that afternoon was inspiring. We had some beautiful blue sky in the Southwest, and as got going, we jumped into action mode, racing to beat a thunderstorm heading our way. We shot right up to the end and ran […]

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John on October 6th, 2013

I was amazed at how I would feel during the wedding of my daughter.  There’s a mix of excitement and feeling reluctant to let go.  I lost myself in taking their photos.  We spent 3 hours wandering the downtown core for their engagement. I loved the variety we found in a relatively small area. Then […]

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John on April 25th, 2011

Rexburg, Idaho is a neat town.  It’s a bit out of the way for someone just travelling through since it lies a fair bit East of the I-15 heading South to Idaho Falls.  If you’re headed to Yellowstone, you may want to drop in and take in some of its charm. Travelling to Rexburg takes […]

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John on October 22nd, 2010

I had an exciting opportunity to be with Brent and Carol when they were married in Regina Saskatchewan. We had considerably better weather than at their engagement photo shoot. Also, after so much driving last month, the trip to Regina didn’t seem as long as it might have. We only spent about an hour at […]

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John on August 3rd, 2010

This morning the campground looked nicer than I thought. The lake seemed nice. There were people that arrived early so they could go boating. John is taking pictures at a lookout after we climbed out of the valley from the campground. Gasoline at the Indian Village at the continental divide. – Victoria 12:26pm Left Gallup. […]

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John on May 15th, 2010

From Calgary Temple Groundbreaking I was asked to volunteer as one of the official photographers for the groundbreaking of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint`s Calgary Temple. The LDS Church News and Calgary Herald articles explain what went on. My purpose was to take photographs, but I also had opportunity to marvel […]

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John on October 17th, 2009

Heidi and Gary are a great couple. It was a pleasure to photograph them. They were sealed in the Cardston, Alberta Temple. I was privileged to attend the ceremony. There is no photography permitted inside the temple. I can best describe it as simple, elegant, and divine. This was only a week after Bior’s wedding […]

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