John on September 16th, 2017


Aron and Christille’s wedding was the highlight of my day. I’m also certain that it was the highlight of their day, so when we got down to the business of recording the memory of it, we just had a blast. Normally I get frustrated with bright sun, but today, we made it work for us. Wandering and exploring around the temple grounds, we discovered a few new angles that have become favourites for me now.

I loved their suggestions, and together, I think we got an amazing set of photos. My usual composite photo was expected, but Aron came up the idea of a kind of time-lapse. You can see in the last photo below that, in our opinion, it worked out spectacularly well.






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John on July 2nd, 2015


JD and Savannah chose the scenic Kananaskis country to begin their life together. The beautiful weather and grand mountain views made it all the more special.




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John on June 14th, 2015



This year’s photos add to the bundle of fun we’ve had every year with Zie & Coop!

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John on January 10th, 2015

Rachelle is my little sister.  She’s got a great family and they’re fun to be around.  It’s not often that family photos are taken in a hospital setting, but I think that these worked out great and we had a lot of fun doing it.



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John on December 26th, 2014





Christmas at Mt Baldy is one of our family highlights. My son, William, and I snowshoed to the top of the ski hill, which had been shut down during an ownership change. I love the views up there. It`s a tough hike, but it was worth it.

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John on December 13th, 2014




Winter weddings aren’t always easy, or predictable. Adam and Sara were blessed to have good weather for their wedding. It was mostly a concern for driving, since the photos were all planned to be taken indoors. The formals and reception were taken at the Delta South Hotel. There is a grand staircase that served as an excellent backdrop for the photos.

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John on November 23rd, 2014






Christmas parties are always fun. I spent the evening with Sleep Country Canada. And I stayed awake the whole time!

We began the evening with portraits, then progressed to an awards ceremony after dinner, and finished off with music, dancing, and merry-making.

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John on September 26th, 2014





Until now, I had never had the opportunity to be part of a traditional Catholic wedding mass. Sam and Michelle gave me that opportunity. The flowery ceremony full of what you might expect: music, candles, pomp. There was so much to take in. I was certainly kept busy. This is just a tiny sampling.


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John on August 9th, 2014





There are few things more relaxing, yet still quite exciting than canoeing on a river. My friend Michel invited me to canoe with him and the Bow Waters Canoe Club on the Bow River from Banff to Canmore. The day was warm, beautiful, and promised a great time. The water was fast and fun.

Due to last year’s flood, there was still some debris on the river that would make a few turns challenging. One of our turns turned out to be a bit more than Michel and I could manage. Entering the turn, we knew we were too far left and tried to adjust, but not before getting pushed into a fallen tree sitting on the outside of the turn. The branches held on to us and we took on water fast. I tried staying in the canoe, but once I was up past my armpits, I figured it was time to get out.

With a bit of help, we freed the canoe, pulled it to shore, and emptied the water. Before long, we were on our way. The sun warmed me up easily enough and the water wasn’t too cold to begin with. The rest of the day was easy and the water slowed to a nice pace. I had a really great time!

See more photos here.

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John on June 28th, 2014





Always one of the highlights of the year is my day with Zie and Coop. We had beautiful weather this time. It’s a fun challenge to come up with something very much the same as last year, but also a little different. I think we did good this time. What do you think?

View more photos here.

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