RoadTrip_0323This morning the campground looked nicer than I thought. The lake seemed nice. There were people that arrived early so they could go boating.

John is taking pictures at a lookout after we climbed out of the valley from the campground.

Gasoline at the Indian Village at the continental divide.

– Victoria


Left Gallup. We bought lots and lots of groceries there – probably enough to last 2 or 3 days. When we were at the continental divide we went souvenir shopping at the Indian Village.

– Kristina

Drove by a place called Valley. There were what seemed like hundreds of cars on a hill for salvage. A sea of cars. It was an interesting sight.

– William

Entered Colorado at 3:30pm. We went on the wrong road. (figured it out after driving 30 minutes – lost an hour because we had to backtrack – John).

– Douglas

Highway 491 from Shiprock, New Mexico to Cortez, Colorado is very bumpy. It feels like the shocks in your vehicle are shot. We decided to turn off on highway 160 to go see the Four Corners Monument but it was 18 miles off 491, not 9 miles like we thought and it was closed. Luckily, we found a turn out on the road so we could continue to travel in the right direction. Now we are back on highway 491 and we continue to lose our stomachs.

In Dove Creek, Colorado we noticed they farm sunflowers for sunflower seeds.


4:51pm We arrived in Utah: Life Elevated.
– Victoria

Seen Zion’s Bank and a Honda/LDS Books Store in Monticello, Utah, first town we’ve been in Utah. There is a temple and church building close to the Texaco gas station we stopped at. Dad took pictures of the temple and flowers and my YW medallion.

– Kristina

We stopped at a rest stop shortly before Moab, Utah. It was a really beautiful place. So we made our dinner here, which was a rice pilaf  (rice, green peppers, carrots, and onion) and a side of corn. We also had chocolate milk and pudding.

8:20 – Stopped in Moab for gasoline.  Moab seems to be a real tourist town. There are lots of colourful flashing lights.  We rented a motel room in Wellington. So now we can go swimming in the morning and have showers. We arrived about 10:30pm. We were all very tired. The kids were excited about staying in a motel. We drove through a rain storm between Moab and Wellington. It was nerve-wracking because it was also dark and there was road construction and a lot of rain.

We stayed at the motel in Wellington because the Arches National Park was full.
– Victoria

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