Rexburg, Idaho is a neat town.  It’s a bit out of the way for someone just travelling through since it lies a fair bit East of the I-15 heading South to Idaho Falls.  If you’re headed to Yellowstone, you may want to drop in and take in some of its charm.
Travelling to Rexburg takes you over the Continental Divide – twice. At these points, the weather is quite predictably bad during the winter. Our April road trip was anything but flowers. From Great Falls, Montana to the Idaho border I had to contend with white-out blizzard conditions, taking care to avoid jackknifed trucks and numerous other vehicles unable to maintain the pavement (including a highway patrol vehicle).  We made it without incident and were very pleased to have a dry highway for the return trip.

BYU Idaho, formerly Rick’s College, is probably what Rexburg is best known for. AJ, a Calgary native, has been attending BYU Idaho in the music program where he met Ashley, who is local to Rexburg. So, that is the reason for my travel .

AJ_20110409_0253The temple in Rexburg was much larger than I had anticipated.  Nothing but an extreme wide-angle lens could capture it close up.  It’s a very beautiful building.  The outside only hints at the amazing beauty inside.

AJ_20110408_0117The weather was still a bit unsettled, so the photos needed to be taken quickly before more snow settled in.  It was still quite cold.  AJ and Ashley were really fun to work with and were very easy to photograph.  The overcast sky also gave such a nice even lighting that, aside from the cold and snow, was ideal for photography.

The reception, just South of Rigby, was also great.  Their custom-made cake topper featured Charlie Brown kissing the Red-headed girl.  AJ’s sister made a video slideshow that featured part of  the Charlie brown cartoon where he’s floating on air after being kissed by the Red-headed girl.  It was all a part of their romance story.

Overall, it was just a marvelous time and I was happy to be a part of it!


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