There are few things more relaxing, yet still quite exciting than canoeing on a river. My friend Michel invited me to canoe with him and the Bow Waters Canoe Club on the Bow River from Banff to Canmore. The day was warm, beautiful, and promised a great time. The water was fast and fun.

Due to last year’s flood, there was still some debris on the river that would make a few turns challenging. One of our turns turned out to be a bit more than Michel and I could manage. Entering the turn, we knew we were too far left and tried to adjust, but not before getting pushed into a fallen tree sitting on the outside of the turn. The branches held on to us and we took on water fast. I tried staying in the canoe, but once I was up past my armpits, I figured it was time to get out.

With a bit of help, we freed the canoe, pulled it to shore, and emptied the water. Before long, we were on our way. The sun warmed me up easily enough and the water wasn’t too cold to begin with. The rest of the day was easy and the water slowed to a nice pace. I had a really great time!

See more photos here.

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