I photographed Bella and her family last year. She’s still a bit shy to start, but it didn’t take her long to warm up to the camera.  I mostly gave her some distance and again encouraged her to play.  Being a little older now, she responds more to direction.

Glenmore Park on the North side of the reservoir in the fall is a great place for pictures. It was still warm enough and we had a lot of leaves and color to play with.  The wind picked up a bit to challenge me on some shots, particularly overlooking the reservoir, but once we got down near the water, we found some relief and a few good places to pose at.
This year’s composite image reflected the fall colors more. The bright playground just added a lot of pop to the photo. Can you count all of the Bella’s? This one is my all-time record for the number of merged photos.
A beautiful fall day in the park is perfect for a picnic. It was nice to relax and finish the session with a delicious lunch together.
Bella Bella Bella 2

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