Mark and Jenn were married in Waterton.  It’s a beautiful town with a lot to choose from for photo backdrops.  Waterton has a dark side though; it’s very windy.  Overlooking the lake is the Prince of Wales Hotel.  It sits majestically at the top of a hill where, if you go outside, you’ll have to walk sideways at times.  The family did their best to pose, but mostly we’d try to get the pictures every time the wind dropped for a second or two.

One popular spot is at the falls.  We got the rest of the wedding party photos there before I took the couple to my personal favorite.   I love the lake shore.  We were able to work with the bright sunny backdrop and the wind to get a really dynamic shot of Jenn.  She just loves the camera, and it in turn is very kind to her.  It was definitely one of my more challenging and fun weddings to shoot.

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