We woke up early, had showers, ate oatmeal for breakfast and broke camp at 9am. We left Salt Lake city and drove to Layton, Utah. We stopped and shopped at Target Superstore. The kids got clothes, we bought groceris for lunch, etc. We made sandwiches (deli-meat, lettuce, red onion, tomato, cheese), sugar peas, bananas, and cookies.

John and the boys quickly went into Barnes and Noble bookstore to get a book for William to read on the way home.

Then we found Layton Hills Mall and shopped at JCPenny. We even found 2 more pairs of size 16 slim jeans for William (which is hard to find in Calgary). William and Douglas got new suits. We finished our shopping trip at Deseret Books.

RoadTrip_0491RoadTrip_0481We started travelling again, but needed to stop in a few miles because we saw Hill Aerospace Museum right beside the Hil Air Force Base. William loves jets. So we didn’t start to actually travel until 4pm.

We entered Idaho at 4:46 pm.

RoadTrip_0501We stopped at 6:20 pm at Hell’s Half Acre trail and walked the short trail. We saw lava flow formations. There is a thunder and lightning storm approaching.

We are sitting in the van at the Idaho Falls Temple (7:15 pm). It is raining very hard. John has run into the Visitor’s Center.

We are spending the night at a Super 8 motel. This motel is close to the Red Lion Hotel where John and I stayed the night after we were married in the Idaho Falls Temple. Tomorrow morning, John and I are going to attend a session at the temple.

At the motel, John, William, Douglas and Victoria went in the whirlpool and sauna. We ate dinner that night in the motel room, which was snap peas, carrots, grapes, Wheat Thins, and Triscuits. It the weather was nice, we would have been able to cook spaghetti outside on our camp stove.

We watched “Prince Caspian” using our portable DVD player.

– Victoria

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