We woke up early to have breakfast and catch the 9am shuttle bus to Temple Square. John made us pancakes for breakfast.

RoadTrip_0445_hdrTemple Square was amazing. It is 35 acres. We had Sister missionaries give us a short tour. They took us to the Tabernacle, the Assembly Hall, and the South Visitors Centre. In the Tabernacle, you can hear a pin drop. Amazing accoustics! Then we went on our own to the Church Office Building for a tour by someone else and went to the top floor to overlook Temple Square and the city. We also took pictures around Temple Square.

RoadTrip_0440We went to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It was very fancy. It used to be the Utah Hotel. We had lunch there at the Nauvoo Cafe, then we went to the 10th floor to get another view of the Temple. Then we went to the second floor to overlook the balcony and see the old ballroom (which is now being used as a church). Then we went to the Conference Centre and had a tour. This building seats 21,000. It is huge. We even saw the gardens on the top.


RoadTrip_0469Next we went to the North Visitors Centre to see the Statue of the Christus. Very nice. We then rushed back to the Joseph Smith Memorial Bulding to see the 3 pm showing of the movie “Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration! It was a very good and moving account on the history of Joseph Smith’s life. It was the first time I’ve ever gone to a movie where the audience is silent at the end.

Next we went to the Family History Library. We saw a 9 minute video about the library. I didn’t have any time to do genealogy there, but I would like to someday.

There was an original pioneer house by the library that we peeked through the windows. By this time it was 5 pm and we took the shuttle bus back to KOA.

Once back at the campsite, we took our van to go shopping at an outside mall that was downtown. We weren’t impressed with it because it didn’t have the stores we were looking for (ZCMI, Chapters bookstore, YW Medallion - RoadTrip_0418a chuch bookstore or one of the modest clothing stores we’ve heard about). Anyways, John and Kristina bough sandals. Then we tried to find a normal mall that we were told was 20 minutes away. After a while, we gave up the search for the mall, got gasoline, and returned to the campsite.

We made dinner (tamales, mashed potatoes, and carrots). John, William, and Douglas went for a swim.

The whole day has ben raining, thundering and lightning sproradically throughout the day.

– Victoria

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