I had an exciting opportunity to be with Brent and Carol when they were married in Regina Saskatchewan. We had considerably better weather than at their engagement photo shoot. Also, after so much driving last month, the trip to Regina didn’t seem as long as it might have.

We only spent about an hour at the temple doing family photos, some formals, and the composite shot. I love doing composite shots. They are so much fun when you’re letting them be spontaneous and silly in a bunch of different ways. It seems a bit odd to them at first, but when they see the results, it’s always exciting for me.

Carol_1556Carol_1481 The rest of the formals were done at the park in Moose Jaw. One of the groomsmen is wheelchair bound, so it was a neat challenge for me to compose the shots in a way that was inclusive, yet still flexible in showing the beauty of the park.  Her little sister was certainly a feature in a lot of photos and is cute enough to steal the attention of everyone.   She’s very shy, but absolutely opens up in front of the camera.  At the reception, during the dance, I got down on the floor and all the kids just loved that.  It was so fun.

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