I thought I could tell it was spring. This year has been unusually wet, so when we planned this photo session, we were hoping for the best and trying to deal with the worst. I was hoping not to have to deal with snow though.  Brent and Carol braved it well.  Since it was snowing, it was obviously cool out, but not so bad that we couldn’t go without coats for longer periods.  The tough part is keeping water spots off the lens.

Having family from different towns, they wanted a neutral location that didn’t favour either town.  We picked a cozy location at Big Hill Springs, just NE of Cochrane, AB.  There are some beautiful waterfalls and the overcast sky made the lighting perfect.  The early spring foliage, really complemented the water.  Slowing the shutter gave us the silky water effect that made this a feature photo for their wedding invitation.

We spent a good amount of time just wandering from place to place and taking photos as we went.  They’re a dynamic couple with a sense of adventure that made the photos more relaxed and fun.

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