From Calgary Temple Groundbreaking

I was asked to volunteer as one of the official photographers for the groundbreaking of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint`s Calgary Temple. The LDS Church News and Calgary Herald articles explain what went on. My purpose was to take photographs, but I also had opportunity to marvel at the experience.

This was an exciting event for those in attendance because this new building means a great deal to Latter-day Saints in Calgary, both spiritually and physically. The nearest temples are in Cardston and Edmonton, so it will mean a significant convenience for members to have a local temple.

I was able to move freely around the front to get whatever angles I needed. There were 6 official photographers from among church members, plus at least one Calgary Herald photographer. In addition, it seemed most everyone in the congregation had a camera. The entire event was also being broadcast live to at least a half-dozen church meetinghouses scattered in and around Calgary. So, I tried to be considerate of both my fellow photographers and everyone else.

When shooting events, inquire of dress standards. This was a shirt and tie event. I wore an older suit that I didn’t mind getting dirty if I needed to get a low angle. Being the nature of groundbreaking ceremonies, we were in an open field with plenty of opportunity to get dusty. ┬áMake sure you have something to clean your lenses with.

I took over 300 photos that day. I tried to cover everything: speakers, dignitaries, the size of the crowd, participants turning the sod, and of course, anything I thought was interesting. I used a telephoto most of the time and switched to a wide-angle lens for shots of the choir and the groundbreaking.

The hardest job is afterwards when you have to narrow down the set of photos to just 3 or 4 that you’ll submit to the article. There were only 2 photos chosen out of probably 2 dozen submitted. I would have been ecstatic to have had one of mine published. I’m just glad to have had a chance to participate.

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