It’s always fun to photograph Leon and Louise’s family.  They were celebrating the American Thanksgiving, so they had everyone together, which is difficult to do.  They have a nice park behind their home, so the original plan was to do the portraits there. However, just a week before our scheduled sitting, we had our first snowfall of the season.  So we reverted to the basement, which still worked out well.
Davidsen_071 For the smaller portraits, the backdrop works well. The larger groups, I relied on the power of post-production. The simple background made it easier to fix so that it extended to cover the area I wanted.
Davidsen_064For this shot of the boys, I wanted a more HDR look, so the backdrop didn’t matter as much anymore. I think it turned out great!Davidsen_023
Photographing the children is always the most difficult. They had a great playset that I could work with. The idea is to at least try to make it seem, to the children, like it’s just play time. Getting them on the playset is easy. Getting them all looking at the camera at the same time is the hard part. Again, post-production to the rescue. I took as many as they could stand and then, after the best photo was selected, I was able to photoshop good faces from throwaway shots onto the selected photo.Davidsen_103 See if you can figure out which faces were replaced in the photo of the children. I’ll give you a hint: only two were replaced.

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