We just got back from going to church with Grandma. She goes to a church called The first Assembly of God. It’s very different from LDS. Mom wanted us to got to grandma’s church to keep her company. Then grandma could show off her family. Mom’s and my legs, feet, and ankles were swollen yesterday. The swelling went down overnight, but now they’re kind of starting to swell again.

– April

For lunch, Grandma made us fried okra. I love it we also had left-over chili, beans and bacon, salad, bread, and a left-over fried onions, okra, squash, and peppers. After lunch, Joe Brad came over. He is the son of Daisy (Mullings), who is my grandmother’s sister. Anyways, Joe Brad and my Dad really look alike. It was a good visit. I get to meet relatives for the first time.

Later that day, when the temperature went down (it was 109 deg. F) to around 98 deg. F, Grandma went out and picked okra. We got to reap the benefits of the garden Grandpa Dooley planted before he passed away.

John made dinner. We had chicken stir-fry. It was good.

We spent the evening looking at the newspaper, magazines, catalogues. April likes to look at clothes. Grandma also like to look at clothes, so April comes by her fashion sens naturally. It’s in her jeans.

We also looked at the pictures and video that John and the kids took.

It also finally rained this evening.

– Victoria