This morning we had Cheerios and watermelon for breakfast. After, John, William, Kristina and April went to town to find free WIFI so John can update the blog. While they were out, they had problems with the van. The engine wouldn’t start again. During this time, I did our laundray and I cleaned the bathroom. Yesterday, Kristina vacuumed.

RoadTrip_0140We all had lunch together. Left-over spaghetti. After lunch, we went to Midway so Grandma could show us where she grew up. You take Highway 22 East to Midway and trun right (South) on to St. Louis Valley Road and then right onto Turner Road. These were all dirt roads. We were out in the middle of nowhere. So we saw the property that Vollie and Sallie Mullings lived. The house has since been torn down. Another has been rebuilt (previous to tearing the old one down). The house that is there used to be lived in by Daisy and Loyal Turner. Now Chris Turner (son of Joe Brad, who is the son of Daisy) lives there. Wood from the old house has been stacked in the barn.

Farther up the road is an old house (~100 years old) lived in by Joe Horn (?).

After, we tried to find where Grandpa Dooley used to live in Subiaco when he was young.

Back in Paris, Grandma showed us the street she and Grandpa first met on. He was in town just hanging out. Grandmas was in town with 2 girls whom she was going to spend the night at. After a week, Grandpa was going to Califonia to do ???? and said he wanted to write to her. She didn’t think he would, but he did. They corresponed for a while. They were married 3 weeks ( after meeting or corresponding ). during that 3 weeks, Grandma broke up with Grandpa because there was another boy she was fond of. That didn’t work, and so Grandma and Grandpa were back together. she didn’t know if he would still be interested and was surprised he was. If she were him, she wouldn’t have come back (to conitnue the relationship).

RoadTrip_9999_57We filled up with gasoline and then the van wouldn’t start. Just before pulling into the station it was making strange sounds and the dashboard lights were being weird. We got a boost and were recommened to go to Neuman’s Garage. It’s the same place John took a picture of the day before. We take the an in to be fixed tomorrow at 8:30 am.
For dinner, we went to a restaurant called “The Grape Vine.” We went with Dennis and Luthina (Siblings and children of Florence who is Grandma’s sister). Tammy (Luthina’s daugher), Joe Brad (Son of Aunt Daisy), Mary (Wife of Joe Brad), and Amy (Daughter of Joe Brad and Mary). It was fun visiting. We continued visiting at Grandma’s. There was a lot of laughter and I learned a lot about my relatives. John showed pictures he took of the homestead and others. They commented on all the pictures. We also had a group picture and I got addresses.
Before we went to Midway, we spent an hour at the Paris museum. It used to be the old jail house. The lady that works there (Jeanette) is part of the Histoical Society of Paris and she looked up information on the Mullings and Dooleys. She photocopied a few pages for us and John took pictures of some of the information.
I have another source for genealogy. Tammy loves to do genealogy and she has a lot of information and pictures.

– Victoria

The battery has been dying. The solar charger has been helping to get us going again, but definitely something is wrong. We can’t use Air Conditioning and too many other electrical items at the same time. Grandma doesn’t have an Internet connection, so I found some open wireless spots near the town square.

– John