Last night we camped at Wallace State Park.  It’s very nice except for the heat and giant, yucky disgusting bugs.  We went swimming last night in a lake and Mom and William got bit by something.  Mom and dad did the laundry so we have clean clothes now.  Some raccoons got into our trailer and ate our food.  They made a mess and left their footprints all over the trailer.  Since they ate what we were going to have for breakfast, we had a very strange meal.  We had cereal with some warm milk, bananas, carrots, and big chunks of cold turkey ham.  I didn’t like eating the ham.  They have nice showers at the campsite, so we’re all clean until this morning.  We’re all soaked in sweat again.

– April

The lake water was very warm.  There was no shock or ajustment going in.  The beach went out at least 100m before it got to over 5 feet deep.  At that point, you could feel a cool layer at your ankles.
– John

We are at Spring Hill (Near Jameson, Missouri) near the crest which is named Adam-ondi-Ahman.  (D&C 116)

Tower Hill vally overlook.  Then we went to Far West to see the corner stones of the temple that didn’t get built.


It’s very hot 37 deg. C.  We filled (re-filled) the air conditioning this morning before we left the campground.


We went to Liberty Jail in Liberty Missouri.  sister missionary guide was from Virginia.  She has been a member for 11 years.  Previously she was baptist.

We went to the Independence Visitors Center and Sister Walters was our guide.  We ate our dinner in the parking lot before going in. (Bananas, strawberries, grapes, and a wrap (Lettuce tomato, cheese, deli meat) and cookies).  I enjoyed the visitor’s center.  I’ve learned much more about LDS history.  Across the street is the site for a temple (plot).  Also across the street was the headquarters and temple for the Church of Christ.


The battery in our van died but by the time we finished our tour, it worked again (Had a solar charger plugged in).

It is 9:15 pm CT and it is 33 deg. C and it actually feels much cooler than 37 deg. C.

– Victoria