We leftt Tracy at 9:30 am central.  We are headed for Walnut Grove.  We ate oatmeal, applesauce and cinnamon for breakfast.  It is already 26 degrees C.

We drove over to Plum Creek and we are entering Walnut Grove (pop. 599) at 9:45 Central.

We went to the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum.  It was interesting.  Them we went to see the dugout site along the banks of Plum Creek.  Kristina walked across Plum Creek and got stuck in the mud.  We also saw the Bick Rock and swimming hole.



We ate lunch at Nellies Cafe.

Saw erratic boulders in Pipestone, MN.  considered sacred by the natives.  We drove through Jasper, Minnesota.

Crossed back into south Dakota at 3pm Central.

Sioux Falls, SD at 3:10 pm Central.  Lots and lots of tall leafy trees

– Victoria

4:30pm Central – Stopped in Vermillion, SD for bathroom break and filled our water bottles there.  When we came out to go back to the van, we discovered Dad stretched out on the trailer.  I asked him if he was lying there to embarrass us.  He said yes and asked for Mom.  Mom came over and he said he could only be awoken by a kiss from a fair maden.  So she kissed him in the middle of the parking lot there!  Funny, but it really was the slightest bit embarrassing

32 deg C currently

– Kristina

Stopped in Sioux City.  Bought some food at Walmart and a new portable DVD player.

Stopped just outside Sioux City at a rest stop that had free wireless to post all this stuff!  Will need to update with pictures later.

– John

About 5pm CT we crossed into Iowa, but didn’t see a sign so this is an estimate.  We also bought a portable DVD player and Owl City CD today.

7pm MT/8pm CT – Mom tried to feed me a twist-tie in my sandwich when we stopped at a rest area outside of Sioux City.  Of course, it wasn’t on purpose.

– Kristina

Honey Creek Campground (In Iowa) 9:30 pm CT. – It had a lot of mosquitos and frogs and not a pleasant smell.  The bathrooms weren’t the best.  Lots of iron in the water.  It was hard to sleep it was so humid.  We didn’t even use our sleeping bags.  I accidently killed a frog. When it jumped into the bathroom and I went to close the door to bump the frog out, instead it smeared the poor frog.  In the morning I had a show, WITH A FROG!  I just about had a heart attack.  I also smell like iron and my fingers are turning black dude to the high iron content in the water.

– Victoria

Honey Creek Campground had a swamp next to it, due to flooding from heavy rains this year.  The creek is high, so it won’t drain off.  I made for some nasty mosquitoes.  The caretaker also said that he had just finished some repairs in the bathrooms but hadn’t had a chance to clean it all up yet.

– John