From Steven and Amanda

Steven and Amanda are a quiet couple with big plans! For their engagement, we wandered into Prince’s Island Park in downtown Calgary. The recent moisture has made a huge difference in the greenery, but the trees have yet to really show.

Prince’s Island has a number of views that make it possible to do early spring photos. There is enough green space to add color, and enough architecture to add lines and interest. It turned out that our favorite spot is not at all what it seems. For their wedding invitation, they chose a photo that looks like a nice picnic spot with a view of the Centre Street Bridge in the background. If you were to try to picnic there, you would need ear plugs.

We canceled our first scheduled outing due to weather. We nearly canceled this one because of the forecast, but it stayed nice long enough for us to have a fun time and get some great shots. After that, it was miserable weather again for a while.

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