Photographing the Seitz family was a pleasure.  I like outdoor portraits, but the December weather, combined with young children made it necessary to shoot indoors.

The location had large windows that helped to give a better quality of light.  The rooms were large enough to fit everyone and we had a great time being creative and just playing.

That’s what makes a photo shoot fun.  Encourage conversation and help them to relax.  Many of my clients have a lot of ideas and just love to show off.  It just takes a bit of  confidence building to get them started.  I look for the right position to shoot from and do a little bit of directing sometimes.  The results are more natural and relaxed.

With as many kids as there were, it’s important not to let them feel like they’re being photographed.  Some like to give a forced smile.  I’ll take a couple of shots and then try to distract them.  A candid photo where they are laughing or just being themselves are the best. If you tell them to try hard not to smile, they can’t help themselves and they think it’s funny.
Sometimes, an odd perspective loosens things up.  I’ll give them a quick look at how it turned out and it helps them not to be so shy of the camera.?

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