Akeela and Bior’s wedding was definitely a challenge for all of us.  The previous week was just beautiful and then we get this frigid day that a family from warmer climes just wasn’t used to.  I’m native to Calgary, and I didn’t like it either. Had the weather co-operated, the ceremony was planned to be held in the yard.

The ceremony was small.  It was held in a small room, so that had its own challenges.  Despite the difficulty, the wedding and the photos turned out great.

We went to Fish Creek Park for the formals.  We were past the fall colours, but the background of the trees still made for an interesting backdrop.  There was a lot of room, but no warmth and a brisk breeze.  They were able to put up with it long enough to get some good shots.   The whole family was very friendly and fun to work with.  They all wore fabulous outfits, especially Akeela with her beautiful henna tattoos.


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