We entered Nebraska at 8:30 am local time.  We crossed the Missouri on the Mormon Bridge.

10:06 am MT / 11:06 CT
Just finished going through the Mormon Trail Center, cemetery and looking at the Omaha Nebraska temple.  When we arrived, a van from Utah pulled up too.  As we left, some people from West Virginia pulled in.  It was very nice going throught the center and we went into the basement to see a photography exhibit of Christ’s life.  Lovely pictures! Our guide was Sister Lawlor. Douglas was upset that we went into the center, probably because he was hungry (we haven’t eaten yet).  We found 2 Hatch names in the Winter Quarters cemetery under the statue of a man and a woman mourning over a grave.  I can’t remember the names, but I think one of their names was Elizabeth and one of them died at the ripe age of 79.  The other middle aged.  I think they were both women.

Oh yeah, the temple is about as big as the Edmonton Temple, maybe at tiny bit taller.  Oh – and at the Mormon Trail Center, we were challenged to hand out a pass-along card each before we return home.

RoadTrip_9842 RoadTrip_9824

11:10 CT – Passed back over Mormon Bridge into Iowa.
1:48pm MT / 2:48pm CT
We are now leaving the Kanesville Tabernacle in Council Bluffs, Iowa.  The main focus was on the Mormon Battalion, of which we have at least 3 ancestors who were part of it.  Information was printed off for the 3 we were sure of with at least 2 pages and a picture for each of them.  We will be reading them soon.  Our challenge from our guides ( a senior missionary couple, Elder and Sister Michaelson) is to have an uncluttered mind and be receptive.

– Kristina

We were able to fill up our water containers at the Mormon Trail Center.  Which was good because the water at honey Creek Campground was awful.  We cooked our brunch in the parking lot at the Kanesville Tabernacle.  There were picnic tables.  We had hashbrowns, eggs, ham and cereal.  We’re full and Douglas is much happier now.

– Victoria

2:15pm CT 36 deg. C

We entered the state of Missouri at 3:50pm CT.

Air conditioning ran out in Missouri and it’s 35 deg. C and very humid.

We were passed by a convoy of 6 Corvette’s at about Rockport, Missouri.  One lisence plate read “4U2C”!  All Corvettes were from different states.

Ate dinner while travelling – carrots, grapes, bananas, 1/2 peanut butter & jam, slice deli meat, lettuce.

The high today was 37 deg. C.  We are hot and seaty in the van.  You can see the sweat patches on the front and back of my shirt.  The backrest of my seat in the van is wet because of perspiration.

– Victoria

Bank Midwest is a fancy bank, with pllars, plantation look (facade).  We saw this bank in Cameron and another town.

– April